Montgomery County Youth Services

Montgomery County Youth Services

The mission statement of YES to YOUTH is direct: 

“YES to YOUTH provides crisis counseling, shelter programs, and prevention services to strengthen families, keep youth in school and prepare them to be productive citizens.”

The youth of today hold the promise for tomorrow.  They hold the key to our future.  Our next generation of leaders is being groomed now.  YES to YOUTH keeps people from “falling through the cracks” within society.   As a young boy I had a friend who had a very rough home life. Fortunately, there was a youth home where he could go when necessary. So instead of “running away” or trying to live “homeless” he had a place to temporarily stay and could continue in school and lead a near normal life.    Every young person needs a safety net and the MoCo YES to YOUTH facility provides that in our community.

I fully understand the value of this community service agency and believe that continued support of this program by Montgomery County Commissioners Court is critical. 

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