Montgomery County Community Assistance Center

Montgomery County Community Assistance Center

     As citizens of Montgomery County, we need to maintain funding of all programs that effectively assist those in need.  One of those programs, Montgomery County Community Assistance Center (MCCAC), provides support to those in crisis and financial need.  Temporary financial assistance with housing, utilities, food, and clothing in the event of a fire, natural disaster, or job loss are covered by this program.  While much of MCCAC’s work is done through volunteers and donations, the small amount of financial assistance provided through the County budget allows all of us to help our neighbors and possibly ourselves in times of crisis.

     The Montgomery County Community Assistance Center goes beyond emergency assistance.  It also provides life skills education, job readiness, and counseling services.  Back-to-school supplies are provided for needy students as well.  All of us in Montgomery County benefit from their services as they focus on assisting those in crisis and need in our community.

MCCAC’s mission is “Providing resources to meet basic needs and improve quality of life for our neighbors in Montgomery County.”   For more information go to:

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