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Mike has always been passionate about our democracy.  Learn more about his background, stand on issues, and the position for which he is running.


Please support Mike in any way you are able.  Your support is needed and appreciated.

About Mike

Patriotism is not an abstract concept to me.

Just some of my background

It is not about military parades, flyovers at football games, or slogans. While all of these are nice and are recognized as representing patriotism, for a veteran, patriotism represents actual years of their life dedicated to serving – in my case, in a war zone – so our citizens can exercise their Constitutional rights, including the right to vote. If you want to thank me for my service, please exercise your right to vote, even if it’s not for me, in November.

My platform, my passion

There are a lot of programs in Montgomery County Texas that I support.  These organizations make our community better for everyone.  Here are just some of the great organizations that need our help and involvement, including continued funding by Montgomery County Commissioners’ Court.

Montgomery County Youth Services

The mission statement of YES to YOUTH is direct:  “YES to YOUTH provides crisis counseling, shelter programs, and prevention services to strengthen families, keep youth in school and prepare them to be productive citizens.” The youth of today hold the promise for tomorrow.  They hold the key to our future.  Our next generation of leaders […]

Tri-County Services Psychiatric Emergency Center

     Montgomery County is on the cutting edge in providing psychiatric help to our citizens in need.  By combining resources with Walker and Liberty Counties, we have built a new Psychiatric Emergency Treatment Center in Conroe.  This facility provides local, qualified treatment for adults with mental illness who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis.  Local treatment eliminates long […]

Montgomery County Women’s Center

The Montgomery County Women’s Center’s focus is on eliminating domestic violence, other forms of abuse, and providing counseling services for all women in Montgomery County.  This group addresses a huge problem in our county.  If you doubt that this is a problem, just check the local arrest records and see how many arrests are made […]

Montgomery County Public Library

“Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life,  is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic participation and active citizenship.”  United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan Our libraries provide an opportunity for our children to explore and develop their potential.  By keeping our libraries stocked with current content and materials and […]

Montgomery County Community Assistance Center

     As citizens of Montgomery County, we need to maintain funding of all programs that effectively assist those in need.  One of those programs, Montgomery County Community Assistance Center (MCCAC), provides support to those in crisis and financial need.  Temporary financial assistance with housing, utilities, food, and clothing in the event of a fire, natural […]


I believe in the critical importance of Meals on Wheels Montgomery County.  Approximately 600 homebound seniors in Montgomery County receive meals which helps them remain safe and happy in their homes while avoiding the high costs of nursing home care. The stress of caregiving often felt by their family, friends, and neighbors is reduced by […]

Please VOTE!

2020 is a critical year for our country and our communities.   Be informed and make your voice heard by voting.   It is your most valuable right and responsibility as a citizen.


Here are some articles that will provide more insight to who I am!

I have been passionate about our democracy for a long time. I’ve run for office in Montgomery County before and I’ve been active in local politics.  I have had careers in the military and in education.   I believe I have the skills, experience, passion, and knowledge to represent the citizens of Montgomery County Precinct 1 on Commissioners’ Court with integrity and open-mindedness.

County Commissioners’ Court is a very important entity in each County in Texas.   The structure and responsibilities of Commissioners’ Court is not well understood – below is a link to an article (County Commissioner Responsibilities) that provides some information you may find useful.  In addition, I have provided information about other issues that I believe are important to our community and its citizens.   Please reach out to me to discuss issues that are important to you.   I welcome all viewpoints and will be better able to represent you and others in Precinct 1 when we have open and honest discussions about what is important to you.

In these unparalleled times of extraordinary COVID-19 growth, quarantine, and economic peril, it is critical for Montgomery County to have an action plan applicable to all for the protection of all.

Community Resources

One of Commissioners’ Court main responsibilities is to set and manage the budget for County operations.   Some funding is provided for organizations that serve the citizens of Montgomery County.   Mike will be an advocate for these organizations and the important work they do for all of us.   Here is information about some of these critical agencies and their services:

Work with Mike for Change

Mike is asking for your VOTE but also welcomes you to his team of volunteers.   Please consider helping Mike get the word and the vote out in Montgomery County Precinct 1.   And of course, your donation in any amount is so appreciated.

Get in touch

Mike is extremely interested in your thoughts about issues related to the governance of Montgomery County generally and Precinct 1 in particular. Please reach out to Mike and start the conversation!”